Teeth Whitening

Many people are unhappy about the color of their teeth. Many have even tried over-the-counter whitening products with high hopes and no success. The best way to remove stains from dull, yellow teeth is to visit Dr. Nolasco and receive a professional whitening treatment. With our professional whitening system, we can help you achieve the brilliant smile you’ve been waiting for!

Tooth discoloration comes from many different sources. These can include:

  • Dark food or drink
  • Use of the antibiotic Tetracycline during childhood
  • The aging process
  • Deposits of plaque and tartar on your teeth
  • Ingestion of too much fluoride while teeth are still forming
  • Trauma to the teeth or mouth

Whitening is an effective way to obtain the beautiful, bright smile that you’ve always wanted. Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our whitening system.