Non-Surgical Periodontal (Gum) Treatments

There are a variety of different treatments for gum disease. Dr Nolasco will recommend a specific treatment for your gum disease depending on your responses to other treatments, how advanced the disease is, and your overall health.

If the damage and decay to your gums is not too severe, we can perform non-surgical treatments that will fight against gum disease and bring your mouth back to stable and complete health.

When you visit our office, our team will give you a full oral exam and assess the severity of your condition. Our highest priority is to restore your oral health and make your smile beautiful once again. If the gum disease has reached a significantly advanced level, we may find it necessary to refer you to an outside specialist to help you recover from the decay and damage.

For more information about your options for gum disease treatment, please give us a call. We always enjoy helping our patients learn how to restore their dental health.