Endodontics (Root Canals)

A root canal may become necessary if the inner nerve of your tooth becomes infected or decayed. A compromised tooth can become extremely sensitive to temperature and pressure and it often causes intense pain. Symptoms are not always present in the initial stages of decay and infection; however, if the decay or infection is allowed to advance, an abscess will form in the tooth.

When faced with an extremely infected or decayed tooth, the patient typically has two options: either pull the tooth in question or save it through a root canal. Extracting a compromised tooth can result in extreme pain. Extractions can also cause costly and significant and costly dental problems for adjacent teeth. Overall, tooth extraction often causes more problems than it solves. A root canal is a much better alternative for most patients as it restores function to the mouth and tooth and will not cause problems with any nearby teeth.

There are several reasons why Dr. Nolasco may recommend a root canal, including:

  • The pulp of the tooth (living tissue) has become decayed
  • The tooth has received trauma or injury
  • An infection or abscess has developed either inside the tooth or at the tip of the root

A root canal restoration can last a lifetime with the proper dental care. It provides your mouth and tooth with the restored ability to function. Please give Time for Smiles Dental Center a call to schedule your next appointment. We are always ready to help you achieve a healthy, gorgeous smile.